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Missold SIPP

Many investments are sold on a 'non-advised' basis, but we can still deal with your case if there is a possibility of misselling.

We only make strong, credible claims. If we consider that you do not have a claim, we'll advise you accordingly.

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Missold SIPP

Missold SIPP
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Mis Sold Pensions
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Have You Been Missold a SIPP Pension?

Missold SIPP

Claim Money Back For Your Missold SIPP

Sipp Pension Misselling

We may be able to tell you immediately if you have a case or not.

Ask us to call you back and you can have an initial chat with one of our no-win, no-fee solicitors for free.

Some people are slowly discovering that the high returns they were promised never happened and much, if not all of their money has now disappeared.

Have you transferred your pension, but feel you were not given enough information or poor advice?

But The Guilty Company Has Closed Down

Missold Pension Claims

Many advisers who encouraged people to move their pension funds are no longer trading, but this doesn't mean you cannot recover money you have lost as a result of their bad advice.

Your claim will be handled by our solicitors who are members of the Law Society, are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) and follow a strict code of conduct. Importantly, we can clearly identify a misselling case where you may not and can also check other missold financial products.

Did You Switch?

Missold Pension Claims

Many advisers earn high fees and commissions from the sale of SIPPs and so it's of little surprise that many people have been advised to switch to them.

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Missold SIPP

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