Your Abbey National PPI Claim Could be Worth £1000's

The Claims Standards Council say "Certain lenders have made claiming difficult. Further, there is no verification that offers of redress are either fair or correct, unless consumers use the service of knowledgeable companies, whether claims management companies or solicitors, to verify the figures.

Frequently, offers are lower than consumers are entitled to and it is often only through the intervention of claims management companies or solicitors, that consumers ultimately receive amended offers, reflecting the true redress they are entitled to."

Banks do not have to keep your documentation for more than 6 years so it is important you don't delay with your mis-sold PPI claim. We will need to get the process started as soon as possible just in case you miss out, so make sure you claim today to avoid possible disappointment!

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Complete the NO-OBLIGATION super fast enquiry below and your professional PPI claim expert will contact you. The PPI refund amount that you may be able to claim back from the Abbey National may be a lot more than you think. Don't put it off, please do it now.

There is no charge for making an Abbey National PPI claim enquiry and you are under no obligation to follow any recommendations that are made.

1. Before applying, please check your documents for PPI. You can only claim if you have PPI.
2. Your enquiry will not go directly to the lender or the ombudsman but through a regulated claims management company.
3. Sorry, we cannot help those who are currently in debt management.

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Need to Know More About PPI?

What is the Official Stance on PPI Claims?

Reports by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), the Competition Commission and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) demonstrated that there had been substantial misselling in this area and actively encourage people to claim. They acknowledge it is difficult to find customers who have been mis-sold PPI where the customer does not actually know that they have the product.

According to the Banking Times "lenders selling PPI can expect to earn £1,200 from a policy that costs £20 to provide". Is it any wonder that PPI providers cut corners?

Additionally, the FSA say that "It's vital that firms deal with these complaints fairly. Unfortunately, we don't currently have confidence that firms are doing this. On average, firms have rejected around 60% of the PPI complaints they have received, but some firms have rejected nearly all."

This is Where we Come in


Have you taken out a mortgage, secured loan or unsecured loan that includes PPI with the Abbey National? If you have (or have had) a loan in the last 10 years and it is proven that you were missold PPI, you could be owed thousands of pounds - in most cases even if you've lost the paperwork. However, if your loan is more than 6 years old, you'll need to have all the documents.

In the majority of cases, what we are complaining about on your behalf is the fact that you shouldn't have been sold the PPI policy in the first place because it wasn't right for you. Your compensation could be a full refund from the Abbey National of all your premiums plus interest. Your PPI claim will not have a negative impact on any existing loan or your ability to obtain a loan in the future.

You may even have more than one PPI claim even if you've claimed on the insurance or the policy is no longer in use.

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And 3 Reasons to Use us to Handle Your PPI Claim...

  1. When claiming PPI, experience counts: We have a substantial team of experienced advisers who have already helped recover millions of pounds in mistakenly paid premiums, interest and compensation for 1000's of customers.
  2. No win, no fee. You've nothing to lose: Unlike many of our competitors we'll tell you exactly what your PPI claim will cost. Importantly, there are no upfront fees, no hidden extra payments, and absolutely nothing to pay unless you win.
  3. We'll make it as easy as possible for you: We'll handle all the paperwork and chasing for you and we'll keep you informed with exactly what's happening at each stage. Some providers have tried to make the PPI claim process as long-winded as possible hoping that you give up - this is something we won't do, even taking the claim all the way to the Ombudsman if necessary.

25 Opportunities to Claim a Mis-Sold PPI Refund...

As you'll see below, there's a huge chance that you have been mis-sold PPI. Answer yes to JUST ONE of these simple questions:

  1. Did you not specifically ask the Abbey National for PPI?
  2. Did the Abbey National make you think you had to have PPI in order to have the loan?
  3. Did they add the PPI onto your loan without fully explaining why?
  4. Were you not told you could cancel the policy without penalty within the cooling-off period?
  5. Did the Abbey National fail to explain whether it was selling on an advised or non advised basis?
  6. If they stated they were non advised, did they then go on to give advice regarding the merits of the PPI policy?
  7. Did the Abbey National fail to check that the policy would be affordable in light of your income and outgoings?
  8. Did they not check if your circumstances were likely to change during the policy?
  9. Did the Abbey National fail to provide the written documentation required under the FSA’s rules such as the statement of price, policy summary or statement of demands and needs?
  10. Did they not stress the importance of reading the documentation?
  11. Were you pressured into taking a PPI contract?
  12. Did they fail to explain orally the full cost of the PPI or not tell you could get PPI independently for a fraction of the cost?
  13. Did they fail to explain orally the key features of the product, such as its optional nature, non-pro-rata refund terms and exclusions and limitations?
  14. Were you not told that a commission was to be paid to the broker or intermediary?
  15. Was the PPI paid as a lump sum when you took out the loan? Single premium products were often inflexible especially if you repaid your loan early.
  16. Did the Abbey National fail to ask you about any existing PPI payment cover you had?
  17. When you took out the loan, did you have existing medical conditions such as depression, back problems, etc.
  18. Did the PPI cover not match the loan term? Did they fail to make you aware of the consequences of taking out a PPI policy that does not cover the full term of the loan that it is linked to?
  19. Did they fail to ask if you were entitled to sick pay from your employer?
  20. Did the Abbey National fail to explain any of the PPI's exclusions in the written terms and conditions
  21. Did they fail to explain that if your loan was redeemed early then the rebate on the PPI element would not be proportionate?
  22. Despite it being a joint loan application did the Abbey National apply benefits only to one applicant and you were led to believe that all parties were equally entitled to PPI cover?
  23. When you took out the loan were you self employed, unemployed, retired, over the age limit or on a fixed term contract?
  24. Did they fail to check how long you were employed? Some PPI policies need you to have been employed for a certain length of time to be suitable
  25. Did the Abbey National fail to obtain information from you as to what existing means you already had in place protecting the loan including benefits from employer, existing insurance or savings and investments?

If you answered yes to any one of the above you could be owed thousands of pounds from the Abbey National.

Our PPI claims experts can easily assess your case to let you know if you are a victim of a mis-sold PPI policy by the Abbey National and will make a claim on your behalf. The Abbey National could owe you thousands of pounds.

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Don't Fail to Claim What May be Rightfully Yours

Please remember to note that there are time limits as to when you can claim for your mis-sold PPI. It's essential you waste no time.